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[28 Mar 2009|02:56am]


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The unsung heroines of Punk/Post-Punk/No Wave/New Wave @Amoeba blog [19 Mar 2009|09:16am]

Hi All,

Got sent this link to the Amoeba records blog where they are honoring all us unsung heroines of postpunk/no wave as a part of Women's History month:


punk the funk onward!

Anderson Toone from The Bloods


Laura Kennedy (of the Bush Tetras) benefit show: please help if you can [04 Oct 2008|08:00pm]

Laura Kennedy (of the Bush Tetras) benefit show:

As a result of Hepatitis C Infection Laura Kennedy needs an immediate liver transplant.

Laura is the original bassist and a founding member of the Bush Tetras. Funk/punk stars of the `80s New York club scene, the Bush Tetras were one of the most popular and exciting groups of the era. More importantly, they are a major force in today's `80s post-punk/new wave revival which includes The Slits, Sonic Youth, Pere Ubu, Mekons, Gang Of Four & James Chance, just to name a few.

All proceeds on Bush Tetras CDs, LPs and shirts purchased through the ROIR website go directly to the Laura Kennedy Liver Fund.

Sunday October 26th

Laura Kennedy Benefit Show

@ Cake Shop
152 Ludlow Street
New York, NY 10002

Appearing are:

Bush Tetras (also last ever NYC show)

James Chance

Certain General

Radio I-Ching

Lenny Kaye

Julian Stockdale

Deborah Frost

…and others TBA shortly

$15 door

For more information on Laura Kennedy and how to make a donation,

please visit http://lklf.blogspot.com

Bush Tetras on MySpace: http://myspace.com/bushtetras

There will also be a Nov 8th show in Minneapolis, MN. More info TBA.


No Wave Contest at Warped Reality [08 Jun 2008|11:44am]


Warped Reality Magazine: No Wave Contest
Enter to win a copy of the new book by
Thurston Moore and Byron Coley

Thurston Moore and Byron Coley have just released NO WAVE [Abrams Image], a widescreen visual chronicle of NYC's downtown experimental music scene circa 1976-1980. The book brings the era to vivid life, through a great mix of visuals —from club flyers to posed portraits and candids taken in skuzzy clubs and on crumbling tenement rooftops. Thrumming with the same kind of vibrant, often confrontational energy as the music itself, the books paints a wonderfully complete portrait of a movement that happened to be an anti-movement, "a wave that didn't ride in on a wave," to paraphrase Dark Day's Robin Crutchfield. 
To celebrate, Warped Reality has two signed copies of the book to give away. 
The prize drawing will be on Friday, June 13, just in time for the book release party in NYC. (Fittingly, the Friday the 13th release party will also mark the one-time only reunion of Teenage Jesus & the Jerks, Lydia Lunch's merry band of enfants terribles. Rumor has it that Mr. Moore himself will step in to complete the lineup.)
All you have to do to enter the contest is answer the following question:
Which former member of Sonic Youth ended up doing performance art (among other things) at legendary NYC performance space the Kitchen?
To enter, send your answer to: warpedrealitymagazine(at)gmail.com. And don't forget to leave your address so we can contact you if you win.

Check Warped Reality often throughout the upcoming week for a slew of No Wave rarities, even rarer visuals, and interviews from the archives, culminating on June 13th with an interview with Byron Coley.

"Hi-fi, lo-fi, no-fi and everything in-between."


new release from artistblackmusic [19 Jan 2008|03:23am]

ABMFL003 kathleen morrison - off white angel
not really a full length, but not really a single...fans of old pole, oval, and snd will enjoy kathleen morrison's off white angel it is full of lo-fi yet strangely dance-able dubbed out loops and patterns made out of radio signals, samples from old records, and cheaply recorded drum machines

this release is available at


When the Town Was Down: New York Noise and No Wave [27 Nov 2007|04:18pm]

The Village Voice has a new dual review of Soul Jazz' new companion volume to New York Noise and Marc Masters' new book on No Wave:

When the Town Was Down

Arto and Lydia and Branca, oh my!


ARTIST SEEKS WORK [06 Oct 2007|04:08pm]

Hello my name is thaniel ion lee, and I am a graphic designer/artist, and I am wondering if anyone needs any album covers/posters designed. I have worked for keenan lawler [xeric/music fellowship/new american folk hero]. You can see the album covers here http://www.digitalisindustries.com/foxyd/reviews.php?which=2250 And http://www.forcedexposure.com/artists/lawler.r.keenan.html . You can see more of my art at http://thanielarts.blogspot.com/ . I charge 25 dollars for cdr covers,150 dollars for cd/LP/7in covers,75 for Tshirts, and 5 dollars for posters for more info contact me at thanielionlee@gmail.com


[09 Jul 2007|01:33pm]


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Summer Reviews Poll [03 Jul 2007|05:25pm]

We're working on reviews for the latest issue of Drop Dead Magazine. What are some of your favorite new summer releases?

Also, be sure to check out the new issue in September, featuring AIDS Wolf, Deaf Deaf, Silver Daggers, and more!

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lookin' for recs [23 Apr 2007|02:58am]

I've been a big fan of Robin Crutchfield's work for quite some time and just a couple of months ago got around to really catching up with his other post-DNA stuff, primarily Dark Day. shit be tight. any of you got any similar artists you could recommend me with?

while I'm on the synth subject, if you're familiar with H2D's homework comps you've probably heard Radio Free Europe's track "Alien Day" (it's no. 1 on 1½). anyone knows if they released any other stuff? 7"s I could track down or that have maybe been put on some blog online? google searches have not been prolific so far.

in case you never heard the track, you can grab it here : http://www.sendspace.com/file/l29rn3

tnx in advance.


Disjunct video painting DVD [01 Feb 2007|10:48am]


Impartial Analysis

Disjunct presents eight videos, twelve audio tracks, and forty combinations thereof: wander through video paintings adjusted and confronted by the imposition of sounds consciously altering the meaning to be gleaned from these luscious loops. Each audio track is identified by a prefix or suffix, left or right audio, while each video is identified by a root. Each of thirty-two words presents a distinct eye on subtle shifts created through association. Perfect for studied contemplation or the transformation of a dull unused televison or monitor into a dynamic painting, Disjunct presents a transcendent and transitory object to transform your world.

Impartial Analysis, the first DVD of video paintings by Disjunct is now available to sample and purchase online at



no wave all girl punkfunkateers The Bloods live on the web at last! [29 Jan 2007|11:23am]

[ mood | familial ]

check it out kids,

after being pestered by friends and fans alike, we finally did it:
4 fresh on the web mp3's including the very rare Blue Chevrolet live at the tempodrom in what was then West Berlin at the first ever international women's rock festival: Venus Weltklang as well as dance-floor staple Button-up and two cuts from The Born In Flames soundtrack.
10 years before riot grrl there was another riot goin' on--

Find out what all the new york noise was about and be our funky friend:
The Bloods


[27 Dec 2006|09:11pm]



Love & Society: This Is The Closure Report [04 Dec 2006|02:25am]


The Last Three Tracks


enjoy.. [15 Nov 2006|06:38am]


Dai Veil - Love & Society: This Is The Closure Report 
i will be changing it every sunday night, 
so the whole album can be downloaded. 

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Hello [23 Sep 2006|10:48pm]

so i watched kill your idols today for the first time, 
anyones thoughts on the doc?


UT Contest! [24 Jul 2006|09:07pm]


I'm running a contest over at Warped Reality. I have two sets of the UT reissues [In Gut's House & Griller] to give away. Whee! Free stuff!

Ut was an amazing band, and I hope this reissue series introduces them to a whole new audience weaned on bands like Sonic Youth, who always claimed they were constantly playing catch-up with Ut in the early days. (One of Ut's first-ever proper releases was on the 1981 Thurston Moore-curated Noise Fest cassette.)

LINK: Ut Contest here.

Contest is open from now until August 1st!


New UT interview Online [16 Jun 2006|11:47pm]


I interviewed the band UT for an article I wrote some months ago for The Providence Phoenix.

In the intervening months we've kept the conversation going. In light of Mute's upcoming re-issues of Ut's Blast First albums In Gut's House and Griller we decided to post it all online, complete with rarities hand-picked by the band.

Part One is here. There are three parts all told, with the second to follow early next week.

(In case you're wondering, UT was a female-led, pioneering power trio that began in NYC in 1978. Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore has named them as inspirations. He even put out early Ut music on the Noise Fest cassette [1981]. After relocating to London, the band eventually signed to Sonic Youth's UK label, Blast First. )


ZLKNF: TRYPTICH [13 May 2006|09:31pm]



X/y/MUTANTCollapse )


[12 May 2006|03:33pm]



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